Choose a Training Program That’s Right For You

Because it’s important to keep your skills and knowledge up-to-date

Admin Staff

Learn and understand the basic techniques of 2D drafting and 3D modeling using AutoCAD and other CAD software. Produce 3D drawings & objects according to EPC standard projects and efficient time for piping, mechanical, electrical and civil fields.


Learning to become a professional engineering designer and ready to compete in the industrial sector. Starting from piping design, civil design, scaffolding design, and others.

Tenant Relation

A comprehensive and sustainable training program from Basic Care to Advance Care in one package and safe cost

Professional Care

Improve your professional competencies in project management, plant design implementation and Health Safety & Environment. Get ready to accomplish EPC project with confident and professionally

Advance Care

Learn advanced competencies from "Basic Care" training program so you have more advanced skills in one area. Then, you'll become more confident in your career

Specialist Care

Learning special competencies in the process of working on a project where you need to explore certain skills first, so you are able to take part in this training program well