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Building Management

Along with the development of property sector in Indonesia, there a spike of demand from business owner about clean and organized building with high safety standard that provide a comfortable environment for their employee.

One of the services by PT. Rekayasa Cakrawa Resources (RECARE) is Building Management. This includes providing Cleaning Services, Office Boy, Gardener, Building Maintenance, Training, and Certification under Clean Care Program.

Why use our service?


CleanCare Monitoring process includes several tier, start from supervisor, leader, subsupervisor, and manager. This process makes sure our service always at its best.

Quality Control

Our process comply with ISO:9001 certification. This makes sure that our services have a high compliance and high quality of works. The material that we are using are comply with Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and environmentally friendly.

Work Health & Safety

Our tools comply with SNI and regularly examined. We also provide health insurance for our employee, because we belive health and work safety is very important.


We believe an effective and structured training will help our employee to increase their service level and work quality. For this, we emphasize our internal and external training for CleanCare officer. Several of our employee are BNSP Certified in cleaning service sector, making sure that our foremost goals is quality of our services.

Mask, Glove, & Hand Sanitizer for all of our Employee

Constantly reminding our employee to use hand sanitizer and not to touch their face and hair to reduce contact.

Improve Hygiene

Raising health awareness and hand washing habits ofr our officer before and after work.

Normal Body Temperature Only

CleanCare only permit our employee to work if their body temperature under 37 celcius degree. We only allow a health employee to work.

Periodic Serology Rapid Test IgG & IgM for all employee

Tests are carried out for the health and safety of Clients and CleanCare employee.


General Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Service

Exterior Cleaning

Hospital Cleaning Service

Garden & Landscaping

Site Facility Cleaning Service

Office Cleaning Service

Tools and Materials

CleanCare provides complete tools & materials tailored to the needs and requests of clients. The tools and materials we use have the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) as an effort to support domestic products, but we also provide imported products if the specifications are needed.

Our chemical needs are equipped with environmentally friendly specifications and are adapted to the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) and use the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) system.

In order to facilitate coordination & communication in the field, we also provide handy talkies in accordance with operational standards. Machine tools that support operational activities are always maintained regularly.

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